How To Choose The Right GPS Navigation System

You will either be using your GPS device while on foot, or you will be installing it someplace such as your car, boat, mountain bike, etc. If you are planning to use your GPS system while fishing, hiking, trekking, hunting etc, then the main criteria to look out for is the weight of the device and whether or not it is weather-proof. If you choose a GPS system that is too heavy and bulky, you will not be able to carry it, thus rendering it useless. And as you are likely to experience ill weather, buying a weather proof GPS system is an absolute must.

A handheld GPS system should also contain the Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) feature. With this feature, your handheld GPS device will be able to pinpoint your location to within 10 feet of where you are standing, which can sometimes be critical for adventure seekers and outdoor buffs.

If you are looking for a GPS system to use while driving, then its optimal features will vary from the above type. Here, weight is not as much a concern and neither is being weather proof. Instead, what you must look out for is a big and bright display (so you do not have to take your eyes off the road) and a street mapping feature for easy navigation. Your GPS device should also have external antenna compatibility so that you can pick up satellite signals with ease.

If buying a GPS system for marine uses, you should buy one that is weatherproof. It should also have a marine mapping feature and back tracking abilities. An active sonar is another must have with a marine GPS system so that you can determine what lies beneath the water, and where.

Some features that are essential in all types of GPS systems are:

  • 12 channel receiver system to help you receive the required number of signals, even under heavy tree coverage and other obstacles.
  • Powerful batteries and a long battery life so that you do not get stranded in the middle of nowhere.
  • Trans-reflective color screens so that you can read the display even in harsh and glaring sunlight. Such screens are better even where battery life is concerned.

Thus, make sure that you choose a GPS system that has features which are needed keeping in mind your application of the GPS device.